waiting for spring


Paula said...

I hope that's not YOUR car under there. :(

betharr said...

Today it isn't rain here. The sky is so blue and the temp is about 35°C.
People wil be happy this night. The Carnival was starting yesterday under rain. After 50 rainny days... finally the joy of living is going to explode in parades TONIGHT!

Think about and enjoy for me!
I know you are stressed! The winter is coming back... Protest!
Blaspheme! Cry! "It's not fair"
but... waiting!!!

A foto é linda, clara, nítida!

Frank de Jol said...

No, it's not my car. But there are some drivers, who don't ride in winter.

JMS* said...

C'est grand plaisir de faire des photos dans ces conditions... tu sais bien en profiter.

sherri said...

That's a lot of snow. We had some snow, but it didn't last long. Your image reminds me of my childhood.