lunch break


sherri said...

Heavy duty help on the way. Good to know your area is prepared.

Leo said...

Looks like a lot of fun. But not so much for me.

FS said...

F, this scene I always wanted to see and you are showing 'the snow clearance operation'!!..Incredible!
This may sound naive but you can understand me... I've never seen the snow and your photos have been very illustrative! thx a lot.
I love the white! WHITE life! white is pure!
Nothing for comment. One word more:
you are getting better and better!

betharr said...

F, this is the expression I DID not use "my wallpaper on desktop"...
again... this picture is my walpaper on desktop just now!
hahahaha... it's not a provocation!
That's true!
FAV, FAV, FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever!

Anonymous said...

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