Walk with the dog


betharr said...

Goes to my wallpaper just now!!!
wonderful light from right!The air must be very pure...
as like the white snow!Nature frame! I love the 'naked' trees.
Raises roots above and below!
Morning, evening? it does not matter
only observe the silence, the light, the lively walk!
a bird in the distance!
despite the weather ... there is life and movement!
and that wonderful blue sky!!!
Is perfect that buildings are colorfull! Its contrast with the snow and the sky!... C O O L!
Beautiful silhouette in black
it is imposing its presence.
Morning 10:32 a.m.? hahaha...
FAV a hundred times!

Leo said...

Very nicely done. Good framing. Could be "any man."

foto-rolero54 said...

Beautiful realization, really well.bravo!

Paula said...

Still winter on the ground, but I think things are looking up :)