Narutowicz Street, Lodz

2010-09-02     Narutowicz Street, Lodz


Andreas said...

Uiiii, that's great. Nice colour, the picture seems to be very old

DomLortha said...

I like this BW, it looks like a 70's photography!
Have a nice day.

Otto said...

nice toning in this B&W.

Paula said...

I like this very much. It has a vintage and also somewhat melancholy mood. Perhaps because autumn is coming?

Anonymous said...

Sunday morning? empty city. is it because people are in church?
hahahahah, FS!
você é a ovelha desgarrada?
rebelde? inquieta?

- HQ
- precious perspective
- one of my FAV way : monochrome
- love this caml scenario
- I was here for a minutes.

Kala said...

Wonderful sepia tones.