last days of summer - Piotrkowska Street, Lodz

2010-09-09     last days of summer - Piotrkowska Street, Lodz


fabrizio said...

interesting ciano shade in perfect frame

Andreas said...

Yes, it looks like a movie scene. Great!

Ken Mac said...

reminds me of a WPA photo from the 40s

Tolga said...

Love this strip.

ainda2 said...

a BIG smile, Frank do Sol!
Lodz cinematically presented.
wow!... that make me better!
Polansk cinema production would certainly love this street scene.
How much life is there!!!
people are smiling all the time,
I think that.
Love the sunlight on the wall at
right. and the shadow in oposite side.
is it a free street? no cars. nice!
I was there for a minutes.
I still love the monochrome.

Otto said...

really nice processing, enhances the mood.

yz said...

great toning and mood

aiGi.boGa said...

WoW¡¡¡ Estos tonos son preciosos, el encuadre y la composición son geniales.Me encanta¡

DomLOrtha said...

What a light! I like the composition with the two black stripes: it works very well here.
Have a nice day.

Colors Inc said...

interesting format, Frank.... just right for the scenery