curved angle

2010-09-14     curved angle


Andreas said...

Very, very nice .. but where is the corner?

DomLortha said...

Great angle for this point of view. very intersting.
Have a nice day.

fabrizio said...

vey nice this one impressive composition in vertical depth

NYC In Photographs said...

Very nice! Great angle.

Herbert said...

Great geometry!

betharr said...

angle, lines, textures, colours... architecture. Well
the world 'loves' this style.
In Sao Paulo many, many like that.
IM curious 'how many floors'?
not so taller than here, I think.

also the sky is the same. :-))
beautiful blue(s) background there.

I want this image (blue sky) get stuck in your mind. you know in the next season... :-)

Otto K. said...

I like the angle that you shot this at.

Dragos Petre said...

great angle. Gives a nice perspective.

Thanks for visiting my photo blog!