connection in the sun

2010-09-08     connection in the sun


DomLOrtha said...

No doubt: it's summertime! Great work on light to obtain the mood of the season. I like it.
have a nice day.

Pierre said...

Une luminosité et des couleurs superbes.

Anonymous said...

- I'll miss these scene :-)
- love so much this effect. you can see it on mines.:-)
- hello! "quem está falando?" :-)
- sculptural body! 'great' catch, FS! :-)
- AMAZED ME your SummerTime!!!

Paula said...

Beautiful soft, bright colors. Love the look of the fountain as it appears to be dancing to get her attention.
Altogether perfect summer shot!

Otto said...

cool glow here. nice.

NYC In Photographs said...

Nice hi-key image.