during the warm autumn, walks are advisable


Anonymous said...

warm morning. such a 'almost' relax city. I feel that because there is no a crowd.
my solar brother can you imagine how i'm tired about many many people
around me?
well, alone is good
but not forever, OK?
where are you North? :-)

DomLortha said...

NIce view of a quiet moment in town.
Have a nice day.

FS said...

interesting how you 'archive' yours previous (is a blog on the 'official' blog), is it? can see the photos in large size (archive) is nice.

FS said...

this (actual) is the best, F!
clean, the photo's size is perfect,
there's no artifice to disrupt the attention,
an unique word, 'my photo site FAV' hahahaha...
this is a request: can I have one like this? without 'archive' of course... for now :-))

no problem if that is not possible, OK?