tribal dance


DomLortha said...

Nice tones and effet; it's quite an abstraction.
Have a nice day.

Otto K. said...

there is a dance of light here. nice.

Paula said...

Your title gives meaning to the motion and the delicate balance becomes a dance. Beautiful concept and image.

Anonymous said...

chove chuva, chove sem parar!!!
the indian people dancing to
for rain.
I like the Indian mythology
their various gods CORRESPONDING TO manifestation of nature.

bright yellow contrasting
with water that could be rain.

I like this template (colours & composition). So cool!

Matthias said...

cool colors, cool shot!

NYC In Photographs said...

This is a great shot! There is so much mysteriousness in it.

bk said...

Oh, this adds a bit of suspense to the movement. Could have been a bit darker for my personal tastes. BUT this is a great achievement.