green on a pink

Kosciuszko Street, Lodz


Martina Egli said...

I Love the symmetry and the reflections on the window - what a great image!

Jani said...

nice capture! :)

b.c. said...

o so pretty, i love this

BethArr said...

three trees! how they are tall!
and beautiful kind of.
tall and thin. magnificent nature!
and the pink building... sculpted to enhance the beauty of the Three Graces.
and you ...being there to capture the dual phenomenon :-)lucky man, you!
I like to imagine people inside the building.

george said...

Really like the juxtaposition of the trees and old building. Although I think I would have cropped out the railings at the bottom - others may disagree.

DomLOrtha said...

Nicely done! Great combination of colors.
Have a nice day.