Yeah, the bus finally arrived and now we can ride home


Fritsch said...

"Hey bus driver keep the change / Bless your children, give them names / Don't trust men who walk with canes" (Bruce Springsteen)

A great colourful ride, Frank. The simplicity of these great street capture is overwhelming. Excellent! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

sherri said...

interesting scene. so many people use public transportation. I like the hues in this one a lot.

Anonymous said...

Nice composition!

Beth said...

and me... I realize how quiet they are.
low number of passengers,
the slow course of a lifetime,
possible kindly as they treat each other.
so different here!!! even in small town.
maybe too much light and hot weather makes people restless, impatient, angry.
sorry for this consideration but it is SOOOOOOOOOOO true.

Beth said...

interesting composition woman close at the hand (on the window advertising).
I saw the action sequence (despite the size disparity :-))
another Lodz portrait. NICE!

Sharon said...

Very well done, Frank. I like the pigeon. :-)