life on the beach

Yeah, life on the beach in the city where there is no sea, where there is no lake, and where there is no river. It's funny but true. The inhabitants of Lodz have a substitute of the beach without leaving a city.......And here it is, their dreams, desires and joy.
Well, this amuses me, but if others like it, I have nothing against it. So let's go to enjoy the sun on the beach ;-)
Oh and one more thing, the sand is from the beach of the Baltic Sea ;-)


Beth said...

ciekawe swoją historię
very interesting and funny!
the most important is the spirit of a people, I think.
with joy in his heart Lodz's citizens go to the beach :-))
I observe that they are using discrete swimsuits?!?...
sitting quietly they get the sun, watching life, talking about themselves...
well, changing the subject:
see this post. a tribute to Lodz.
I hope you like that :-)

fabrizio said...

really lovely b/w

b.c. said...

life's a beach! i love it