Now is the time for pedestrians

Narutowicz Street, Lodz


AnnaLouisa said...

I like pictures that tell stories about the life in the city. Very interesting!


Kala said...

This photo has a 60's era feel to it. Fantastic tones and light.

Beth said...

revolvermaps :-)
well just I've observed until today is:
Lodz is a NICE city to young people who like to learn more & more about art.
and you F (the soul artist) has showed it magnificently.
deep thanks, solar brother.
the colorful streetscenes are more&more better.
nottinhg is stopped in this world.

betharr said...

Frank why can I not correct my poor English in your blog
YOU'VE SHOWN, I should said...
and others ennumerables errors

DomLOrtha said...

Cool street shot; I love the warm tones of this scene.
Have a nice day.