white sunglasses


Fritsch said...

We're all just passengers. From time to time. Great, Frank!

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

Birdman said...

Does anyone wear sunglasses at night? I had to because I had a sty... was I cool or what!

beth said...

one of the most frequently product useds in the tropics hahahaha...
they come from China as most products.
the same in northern of Europe?
nice crop.
people in different postures.
these contrasts: sitting / standing,
static / walking,
real / reflected,
clothing light / dark
all elements amazed me :-)

Frank de Jol said...

Yeah Beth, the same is on the northern hemisphere.....almost all products are made in China. Almost everything cheesy and shit :-(

Bloc hornet said...

I often wear sunglasses at night birdman, i think its because we are just to cool for school!

Professional Myspace Designer said...

I wear them whenever I want and where ever I want, make your own rules! Be unique :D