tranquility in the city

Botanical Garden


Fritsch said...

And words can't describe how mich I love this urban tranquility. Just like your frame. And the world is awash in green. Great!

All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

Leo said...

I'm glad you have these areas, too. Very peaceful shot.

Beth said...

wonderful place
to promenade at sunset
aspire to the pure air
observe the vegetation
enjoy the silence
and think about nothing :-))
Yes, I know these stones on the water.
and I especially like the vegetation in the background.
I would like to see this same scene in winter hahahaha

Otto K. said...

it does seem tranquil, nice greens.

Doug Hickok said...

Gardens are among my favorite places, especially those in the city. Beautiful rendition of this tranquil beauty.

DomLOrtha said...

A quiet place; we can hear the water... Nicely done.
Have a nice day.