Filha do Sol said...

translate to me, pls!
It's a big book!
You are getting some notes I see!
What is your research? May I know?

Were you in a public library, in a bookstore or in your office?

The smell of the book! It's so nice!
The texture of the paper!

And the silence of this post!...
The absence of music! Well done!

This contrasts with the turbidity of the big city.
BOOK...It is the vast territory where I'm going when I need to be alone.

How is for you, solar brother?
many question for now.
just to know more about you.:-)

Frank de Jol said...

Actually a lot of questions but I will try to answer all.
In this post is no music, because when I read it I can't listen to music. I haven't divisible attention.
When absorbs me one activity, I can't do anything else.
I want to be engrossed in this one and most important thing at the moment. One and nothing more!
This isn't always the best solution, but otherwise I like it and I can't make other things.
This is the desk in my home.
And this thick book is a Polish-English and English-Polish dictionary . Some words need to check, because I don't fully trust the dictionaries and translators on the web.
Well, and notes that you see is the various thoughts, ideas, new useful vocabulary. In any case this is not a typical diary, rather draft book (rough copy).
Is your feminine curiosity satisfied? :-))))

FS said...

- You're focused on one thing at a time! I understand it so much! All the reader need the silence to make
a productive reading. I agree!

- You do not sure about the web vocabulary, grammatical structures, verb conjugation, and even the ortography?... Me too. I agree with you.

- ...and for ending I feel your growth. I confesse your growth
boosts mine.

- PS 'boots' :-)) It sounds "compter boot". Doubt is established. I need to search but for now ...

- I like that explanation you give me. Thx!