waiting for the friends


Filha do Sol said...

Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper & Antonio Mendoza?1?!!!!!
I can't see clearly... Dennis Hopper, the second img in the man in the midle of the scene, has a long golden hair!? :-))
or is a woman walking overthere
and create an stranger effect?
hahaha... they wear heavy clothing, the motobike is bigger than we have here.
I think they do not have much work there. MI right, Flho do Sol?
strong music!

Frank de Jol said...

1. You're right in Brazil motorcycles are light (summer motorcycles), and in Poland motorcycles are heavy (winter motorcycles) ;-))
2. Again you're right, this guy has long, golden hair ;-))
3. "I think they do not have much work there" - I don't know ;-))
Easy Rider = Free Rider