Jazzanova - Coffee Talk

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Filha do Sol said...

Frank, do you observe how many languages in the Brazilian package?
Brasil => Portuguese
Caffè => French
Santos => a city in the Brazilian coast => Portuguese & Spanish
Compagnia Dell'Arabica=> ???
The better word there is ALMA.
alma => soul
The better Brazilian coffe is exported. Only once I try it. Really good. But Colombian coffe is better than our.
Well you DO not drink this... then
I must change this conversation.
Oh! about the cereal you think be rice... do you remember?
It was the 'Food's Day' and SESC
(Public Service) served a balanced menu.
No commom rice but the amazing QUENUA from Peru.
Changing again... finally...
your perception and kindness
make this exchange in something
special to me.
...and the photo is precious!
como sempre.