Daughter's Sun said...

USA tribute
on 31° October?!? We are not afraid, scared, spookyfriday (you return to FT)...
the point is: hat cawboy, mists, wicca, imagination, phantasy => american folk!!!
IM thinking in you as an North American citizen. It seems perfect.
which state would you prefer?
Let'us dream
Today is not forbidden to!
play with
your toy
kepp 'the artistic mood' forever!

Frank de Jol said...

I would choose some southern state in the United States. Probably you know why?....
...Yes, because there is so hot!!!
Because what I'm after the same climate as in Poland.

Filha do Sol said...

Southern, yes! California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc...:0)))
You are right: Punk! She seems like a person who
was in a rave, "balada", party, etc...
She look at me before to get the bus.
Momento Fugidio - IM not confortable to catsh your face. But she is pretty girl.
Did you hear the Brazilian music: "Mas Que Nada" :-))