welcome in Sienkiewicz park in September


FS said...

WOW it's look so green. Still full of life and light!
My wish is that it looks like the whole year.
This may seem a sadist
comment, sorry!

but... you know how IM solidarity to your feelings, dear brother!

the music is something diferent
I say it is not the rhythm but the words, the accent, the idiome. Is it Polish, is not it?

Answer: do you prefere the music or the lyrics (poem)?
Because I always follow the rhythm.

Frank de Jol said...

Maanam is a Polish rock band, and this track is from the early eighties and is sung in Polish.
Indeed, the text itself is a bit odd and may be incomprehensible to a foreigner.
But it's lost, because the text itself in this work is less important than rhythm. Of course this is just my opinion and the better that no fans of Maanam cann't read because they were offended ;-))))))))

FS said...

Frank, do you like to sing with the band?
or you prefer just move your feet?
hahahahah... IM the indiscret woman!
I like to dance... the classical music moves my soul.
The music moves ... tears fall!...

It's therapy! It's good!

Frank de Jol said...

Yes, I like to sing with the band, but you're right I prefer to move my feet to the rhythm (whenever I feel the rhythm).

FS said...

curiosity satisfied...
ciekawość zadowolony

for this 'quesito'=> particular... yes! :-)))

Maanam - what it means
Polish Teacher from Polska? :-))