hunted in the crowd

Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor

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Filha do Sol said...

CHOCANTE = amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
different effects on the same theme
"Hunted in the Crowd"
I loved this title
Oh!...I get something on my mind:
you are a writer?!?...
Do not smile, please! IM serious.
You are so good with words, Filho do Sol.
And you have a good taste to choice music in combination with images.
I really learn more&more when I visit this blog& the others yours.
I like the first face. This is so strong, expressive, an specified person. An example of Polish biotype, I think.
The third face is also very expressive. Like us when we take something WONDERFUL, is not it?
IM proud of your directaction, sweet brother.

alterdom said...

Uwielbiam pierwszy portret skradzione z tłumu, poważne i wzruszające

I love the first portrait stolen from the crowd, serious and touching