legs on the exhibition


Filha do Sol said...

I have a serie with this theme!
Is amazing how we learn every day something about our photographic motivation.
I would like to know:
why did you take this singular
part of being human? can you answer?
All them are HQ... you know.
The first is waiting someone. She arrives at third :-)
I really like the second. The legs are 'dancing'. COOL.
But my FAV is... fourth
because of the variety of pairs of legs, pants and shoes.
And you are right: is the same fashion all around de world, is the same behavior, same food, same music, same thinking, etc...
Is it good?
One day we'll all be speaking the same language. English, of course!
What do you think about?

Frank de Jol said...

'why did you take this singular
part of being human?' - Because it seemed interesting. And I thought it was an interesting topic. Just feet without their owners. This is funny and interesting. Yes or no?
One common language is a great idea.
For example, Esperanto.
Although this language is not accepted, so it may be English.
I don't mind and I have nothing against it that it is another common language. Of course should be easy to learn for all people.
And now the end of the dream. It will never be fulfilled.
On the world is too much nationalists and other pseudo-patriots.
Who think that the friendship with other nations is a betrayal of national interests.
Poland is full of such assholes :-(

Filha do Sol said...

Obrigada for your two answers, Filho do Sol.
I think that the English is the most popular linguage all the world because the large companies need a common language.
You know an easy and profitable way for everyone. Mainly for capital.
szczęśliwy wieczór dla Ciebie!!!!!

betharr said...

Solar brother
there is a link on "Brasil Polska Autumn Leaves"
for give more information about Obrona Forum.