wet october


Daughter of the Sun said...

a spectacular colorful & soft carpet
Can I walk on this treasure?
A blessed delight to my eyes!
Honestly, I'm looking for it a few minutes! I do not I experience this miracle here!
That will be forever imprinted in my soul.
Son of the Sun you are a lucky man because you witness the BEAUTY!
To be close to beauty is to be close to yourself!
And I do not want to turn the page!...
what for? state of hypnosis, maybe!
wake up, Daughter of the Sun!:-))
technical questions:
- how long is this state of wonder?
- if it rains ... you can still walk on the leaves?
female curiosity:
- this is your car?
- you tried to paint? watercolor?
Last ... not a question.
Keep the good mood
sml, pls!
there is no one favorite
the maximum for the entire publication

Vou guardar no coração!

Frank de Jol said...

Technical response:
-The leaves are as long, as no removing the caretaker ;-)
Or when the snow will cover them :-(
Female response:
-No, this is not my car.
-Yes, sometimes I paint autumn. It is a beautiful subject to paint. But I prefer summer themes :-)