10 minutes on a bench







betharr said...

Hi, my brother! Nice to meet you here again!
Your experiments... better & better!
10 minutes is a looong time!...In my action hundreds of people will be caught if I spent 10'(in a normal day, I mean the best foto was taking on Saturday...).
your photos the most important to do now:
1 - may be the man is looking at you!? This is a perfect portrait of the dynamic urban scene.
The human being in his pleasant routine. The clear image. HQ, yes!

betharr said...

2. hahaha... you catch a hairless? The same background with these birds. I'm imagining your discretion.
This man did not see anything! in himself...
HORT- what?
Clear again! HQ too. I liked catch people how don't see my action, their facial expression, their spontaneous gestures, their genuine human condition. VERY NICE, Sun's Son!

betharr said...

3. You changed the direction to do the shot.
FS, sometime I feel like a spy and you? :-)
More birds, lifestyle, Summertime...
You know... for me the most important discovery is that: you show me the real life in Poland.
Last winter for example ... the best European report through the pictures about Winter... was yours.

betharr said...

4 & 5. Such a beautiful young people is walking on this street, in this sunny day, in this nice city?!...
:-) Thanks a lot to share with me a part of your life/art/life. And I am happy with your participation in the mine.
HQ again! High Quality is my appreciation!

Frank de Jol said...

1.Yes, I think the man looking at me ;-)
2. As you can see not all men in Poland have long hair. Now it is fashionable these, a head without hair. But I love the sun and the wind in my hair. HORT-CAFE
3. Yes, I also feel sometimes like a spy or paparazzi ;-)
Thanks for such a long comment and compliment.

betharr said...

"I love the sun and the wind in my hair..."
It's so good to hear it!
Men do not know how they are such a beautiful being with long hair. Well this is my particular idea.