Mo'Horizons - Brazil

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Anonymous said...

risos...risos... sorrisos!
Brasil pra mim! pra você!
Brasil for me! for you!

********** 10/10 for mood & kindness
What a C O O L tribute!!!
Brazylijski - is it? nice sign!
'ski' it is easy to pronounce ;-)

**********10/10 for "Aquarela do Brasil"
music ... in perfect rhythm! it is contagious!
All Brazilian people dance when they hears the 'hymn'. N I C E choise!
She says Dia de Sol = Sun's Day

**********10/10 for scenary!
ahahaha!... you turn on the globe!!!!?
tag=> shopwindow that another excellent word game

O Brasil é tão meu quanto teu!

Anonymous said...

Did you see? I can put the video in...
I'll know better the site and try to innovate.