surfing without water





The Trashmen - Surfing Bird

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha... I don't stop...hahahahah...
amei de paixão!...
there is no translation for it! hahahah!...
cool music!... such a kind of dancing music!
so exciting 'surfing' in this area!
vibrant serie! The first one... much precision!
He is on motion! CGT
WOW you are really a very criative man, Filho do Sol!
Your posts... full of 'masterpiece'! :-))))))))))

betharr said...

I tryed... what template are you using?

Frank de Jol said...

Thanks for all the compliments.....:-)
Yeah...and this is almost it...
Picture are bigger
quickly opens........
.......faster it opens because there is no trash additives.
for frankdejol and lodzdailyphoto I using template Minima
and for camerainthepocket I using the same as you Simple II
but I changed a few things in both templates.
If you want I help to you.
why such address ?
ainda = yet = jeszcze ?

betharr said...

still life
still dream
still smile..this an old title I use. Is not possible to change... I think because now the blogs are an official 'feed' that you can't change.By the way in blogspot my image does not
present in a big size.
Yes help me.

betharr said...

"The only difference is that, you have several posts on one side and I one" I JUST CHANGE IT

"and the second difference is the size of images. What’s easy to change.."I NEED YOUR HELP IN THAT ITEM

Frank de Jol said...

OK! Tomorrow I will send you instructions on how to do it, into the gmail. OK!?

betharr said...

OK! have a nice time!