piano on the street

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Anonymous said...

Filho do Sol, a question: there are tourist
who visit Lodz in SummerTime? This group, for example... it seems forangein. Am I rigth? The man on the left... he does not! He is a typical Polish man, I think. You know that in Canada I meeting many Polish resident. Nice people!:-)
Elegant B&W! You DO try to change! It's good! Go ahead! Artistic & significative img!
It is a cool place to spendy time, is not it?
What I really pay attention are these buildings.
A few floors! It's much "being human" than São Paulo is. People is still a part of...
No anonimous like here!
IM impressed about to be homeless there too.
These miserable people are not responsable about their own life. Bad Political, yes!
There's no the birth control here. To much catholic influence...
A insanidade dos dogmas!
I hate dogmas! :-(
ten, ten, ten... is like 10/10? I think, so!
thx for all comments dear brother! I apreciated so much!