dark sunglasses

she looked at me and was not happy (so it seems to me)


Anonymous said...

hahaha!... well!... she is very angry ... but not with you!... :-)) I prefer to believe in that.;-)
Filho do Sol... this is BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL.
My fav!!!! ten, ten, ten!
Magnificient! Genius! work of art! "waiting for something fabulous"!
By the way...the girl is so cool!
poważne, tak. But a "genuine white power" :-)
and... and I do not get tired of looking at...
Isso me fez muito bem!
Brother, DO not comment... until I do not post many photos these I've taken this morning when Walked around.

Frank de Jol said...

Ok ! But how long must I wait?

Anonymous said...

Ok. I finished. :-))