resting on the water in the Poniatowski Park

1.  resting on the water


Anonymous said...

liryzmu jest to, co widzę!
Beautiful composition of human beings and nature!
What a scene for a great painter!
Incredibly balanced!
The scene touchs eyes and feelings.
LINDA! Você estava no lugar certo!
Water is the great protagonist of the 'painting'. ADORABLE!
Solar brother my next is about a tool's camara call 'Multi Burst'
My inttention was catch many pic in a second like you (20 pic/3second) but was wrong.
The result... I do not appreciated. Can you explain me how I have to do? Thx a lot for you

Frank de Jol said...

I's hard to explain something like this in a foreign language and at a distance :-)
But I try do it:
In my camera, this feature is called serial images. Simply adjust the functions and click. Hold the trigger all the time how much you want.
Good luck my solar sister !!

Anonymous said...

OK, I am going to learn more about my cam. Your explanation was so 'add'! Thx, brother!:-))