catch hell blues


The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues

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betharr said...

very hard work! they are moving but the traffic is not! Hot weather... no t-shirt!
I saw this viaduct in your FT page (night photo) true?
Tree men well comprenetrated... one is looking at you! :-)) the boss!
more saturation on the first! good!
the music is in 'combo' with the dynamic scene!
consonância!!!!I loved this guittar!
Thx a lot for effort to help me!
visit this

you see?
perfect with a 'extra' URL. :-)))))))
but... is not fair to me!
I prefer the img which a can upload by myself... from my archive...

Frank de Jol said...

Yes, this is the same viaduct.
Boss doesn't work, so he don't need to take off a shirt ;-). He only controls the situation and he saw me ;-)
I don't know where you stored photos ?

betharr said...

where are me storing photos ?
in my HD - document/image -
I see your the second here - -

is about it your question?

Frank de Jol said...

Yes, this involved the question !
You must have a storage online. For example: Windows Live.
without it you don't give advice !