In elegant style in the city


Anonymous said...

Very elegant setting! lovely mood todayyyyy!
I liked your sense of humor about Lodz / Barco

This photo: this not very clear than the previous, for example.
Can you explain why?
I think it is the angle of camara... or the sunlight was interfering in the optical... or
our anxiety by clicking.
It was happening with my last... I wanted that scene very much! but my anxiety... I think it it could be better!
She She is very pretty. Her clothes, shoes, the bag!... I liked the mix! The white power!!!!!!
Nice Summer street's scene!

Frank de Jol said...

Yes, this photo was made in haste, because it would be a little while after this particular stage. Well, this is "action direct" .
go and look
go and see
see something interesting
stop and click
Click one time because there is no longer time
this scene, this moment - go out from the lens
time and life go to the further
go hurry
but something was
better or worse
but true

Anonymous said...

You are right! I agree!
The life is not stopped!
All things are moving!
And now I'm leaving for another conference.
It's about "The thinking in motion"
Good Night Filho do Sol!