freedom of choice in the length of hair

1.  she and he or he and she


Anonymous said...

Długość włosów... He had a good choice!...
the natural way to follow for a nice life!
I know someone who... :-) no religion, no system polityczny, no konserwatywne idee...
Viver e deixar viver!
Living and allow life to another.
Wolności i braterstwa. Nie równa?!...
I agree with his idea if people vote for a smart government. Is that possible?... here?... there?
The photo is such a clear image that I like so much!

Frank de Jol said...

Unfortunately this is not possible. At least in Poland. No matter who is chosen (left, right, center, Liberal).
Yes, even liberals are obedience for church. currently governed by liberals and now with the election promises were shit !!!!! I'm disappointed !!!
Viver e deixar viver!
To piękne słowa i piękna idea, ale chyba niestety niemożliwa do spełnienia. Po tym co widziałem w życiu to już teraz wiem, że to utopia. Niestety.
Choć ja nadal mam nadzieję że nadejdą takie czasy.
Jest lepiej niż było 25 lat temu, ale to jeszcze nie to.
Which governs the lot currently in Brazil?

Anonymous said...

LEFT - here they are nostalgic - their desire is to fix the world with the money of the capitalists...

LIBERAL - all the world - they are in themselves following dogmas. They are like Catolicos religous.

RIGHT -here - They are the occupying the power for centuries (5)

CENTER - here - all them call themself by 'center' hahahaha
Left political... when they win the elections change their orientation...steal, loot the public money.

I quit the social question, IM just a observer 'photographer. haahaha...

P.S.I am not pleased to finish your illusions about BR country, my solar brother... :-(

Frank de Jol said...

Ok !! Fliha do Sol now it’s Ok !
I see that you think just like me.
ao final do debate político e religioso
I am delighted with this.
I’m delighted to hear that .
“life through a lens” – is our motto
Yes ?