The people in the tram

1.  the first wagon

2.  the second wagon


Anonymous said...

There are many wires just like here...
Maybe IM wrong those wires are not sufficient to give the city an ugly sight.
They are needed ... do not pollute.:-)
I like the style of building. Ocidental Europe influence, is that it?
...and the boat drawn on the train....hahahaha!
two men are looking at you :-)
Filho do Sol, any person was angry with you... until this moment? summer... good humor... people is more tolerant!...
Well I like all your urban photo...
Do not stop this direct action :-))

Anonymous said...

Filho do Sol, answer me:
to post multiple photos ...a day...
this may be excessive?!?
Not for me, of course! it's a pleasure to me.
IM talking about you, OK?