empik_part I

empik is the largest network of books, cd and such things
in Lodz, there are three such stores, and this is precisely here
I often visit this place

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betharr said...

An enchanted world kultura! Are there three floor?
I saw many English words, people on summer clothes,couples,a man with 'long hair' :-))
a man look at you! :-))
In São Paulo one like that is Fnac where it is forbidden to photograph
hahaha... I try & I take. Anyone saw me!
Filho do Sol a complete post here:
your action, two interesting links,
personal testimony ( about yourself) :-)) so kind to share something ...ILT I Like That.
The 4° photo is very nice! It's showing me two floors.
How iluminated is this comercial centre! well all them are, is not it? Good to take clear images.

Many things to choice there.
May I help you, sir?