last days at the palms

1.  white people want the sun

2.  and then something to drink


Anonymous said...

Oh my Sun (god) :-)))))))
do they criate a artificial beach like others cites? :-))) sorry! it is so funny!
Oh! tell me is this Lodz? the face of the young man! Poor teen! he's upset! the other group too!
but the sky seems blue! White people! hahahaha...
so cool your phrases!
The palms! are these artificial trees? I not sure! but the SUN is strong at 12 o'clock.
By the way ...I loved this scene. Something like a 'movie scenario' hahahaha....
FS you make me laugh!
Adorable post!
more, more, more!
criative people! is exactly what I like.
go, go, go Poland!!!!!!!!!

Frank de Jol said...
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Frank de Jol said...

Hahahahaha........Yes, it's artificial beach in Lodz, where there is no sea, river or lake. Hahahahahaha !!!!