6 PM


FS said...

6PM! e já está um breu!!!!!!!
very dark!
Residencial building I see!
8 floors only! It seems more 'human'. You know what I mean.

Living from 12 (my case)
it's like to live on the sixth floor
because the new buildings achieve the double.
Am I clear? doubt.
Eu estou amando o Goggle.
The sound of English is so important, do not you think that?

when you take these pictures?
I like to think that was today.
Why? the immediacy!
is how we live in the current days

a site to work image 'on line'
I tryed but...

Frank de Jol said...

I made this picture on Sunday.
About this time of year it is dark already at 5 PM :-(((
"Eu estou amando o Goggle".......
......eu também :-))...now it's cool !
www.psykopaint.com - very funny and interesting tool. I like it