Such a moments captured in August

JELLO BIAFRA & DOA - That's Progress

JELLO BIAFRA & DOA - Power Is Boring

JELLO BIAFRA & NOMEANSNO - The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy

JELLO BIAFRA & NOMEANSNO - Jesus Was A Terrorist



FS said...

August = Agosto
a gosto = it's a Brazilian expression that means your preference

These photos taken in August ... I feel how much you like to live:
under the sun, to registering the good moments,
to capturing interesting scene... You& Lodz
You in Lodz!

1st image: Sepia, past time, memories. Something happened there years ago.
The place is changed. The building appear smaller than they were in your childhood.

2nd image: the mist of time is dissolved. From the old style to the new (architecture).
I like the spaces between the building, the garden and the effect that makes the two architecture's style well
defined. Dear brother IM afraid you do not understand me. Maybe yes? How can I know?

3rd wonderful flower color! The strong light on the rider that your look on it!?
I see people in the shade. I like this atmosphere!

4th clear picture style of living, dressing and living is quite different. Were they in the government officials?
Is this the balcony of a building official? I like its style.

The real lives of the most people in the world. Work, work, work! is the best that people Do. ...
just not destroy the planet. Development without hurting the Earth.
Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

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