circle in a rectangle

Is a fragment of detail of the Grand Theater in Lodz.
Simple and mathematical
Simple, but it interested me
Iggy Pop - No Fun
John Zorn - spillane
Acoustic Ladyland - Paris
Tudosok - Basszal


FS said...

"Simple and mathematical
Simple, but it interested me

Maybe because you have the mental structure of a rationalist but it is balanced with the emotional artist?!... Both are part of the whole that is FJ.

Do you know what item this interested me? It's the colour! Beautiful silver!!!!!

Eu pesquisarei sobre formas.
No sentido psicanalítico e volto mais tarde. A imagem é intrigante!

The last music... vibrant!!!
What about it's?

Filha do Sol said...

"For me you're a master at portraying people."

Can you imagine how I feel honored?
How this makes me happy?
I want to DO better & better.

Yes! for me is so important your opinion, your feedback.
Why? I Don't know! Maybe I believe that you are sensitive, honest and friendly. And artist and rational. Mathematician and poet of images.

Maybe our souls are sister&brother even.

Maybe I'm delirious.
Maybe, maybe, maybe!

It's for now!

betharr said...

in my
"Circle in the Retangule"
the funny is:
a black retangule in a black

did you unterdant that, is not it?

when I start to post I forget
the real situation.
Now only you know that!

sml, pls!