sadness of autumn

Breakout - Kamienie - 1974

Breakout - Piękono - 1970

Breakout - Przemijanie - 1970

Breakout - Karate - 1972

Breakout - Spiekota - 1974

Breakout - Biel - 1976

Breakout - Maraton - 1979

Breakout - discography


solar sister said...

'sadness of autumn'
sadness?! melancolia! nostalgia?
euforia, extase, felicity,
all the feelings in my heart now!

The whole post are such special
to my evening. Nothing to disturbe
the attention on the wonderful music that you show me. Thx a lot!

And these imagens give me the sensation of meditation. Do you know what is it?
meditation = no thought
are the moments when you DO not dialogue with your mind. Silence

Sorry, this is a concept of Yoga
my body practice. Not religion :-)

All them are stunning my eyes!
It's amazing, Frank de Sound!
They probabily was whispering how good it feels to be alive and be absorbing the beauty of the world.

And your sensitive perception of the moment is very deep.
Take you time! Love the art that is within you!
To be sad but with ART!
My best wishs for you, my solar brother!

Female curiosity: Teo Park is near your home? :-))

10/10 for 1,2,3,4 & 7 FF
The most importante is the autumn atmosphere : light and texture of vegetation!

The sound of silence, too!

The sound of music, too. Good new tool. (Did you upload your CD to this site?)

Many compliments for you!!!!!!!!!!

Frank de Jol said...

Yes, Teo Park is close to my house.
I'm glad that you like the music.
I did not have to upload CD,
All recordings are scattered somewhere in the network.
You just need to find them and give them links
and Yahoo Player automatically finds and plays.
Instructions on how to install and use YP
is on
and precisely in this post:
Click the pictures and move on to the appropriate parties.
It's really a great tool.

good luck Filha do Sol

betharr said...

I'll try.(yahoo)
Many thx for orientations.