raining today, but I like the sun ....


solar sister said...

Rain is not bad! If it is enough.
Very intense light and heat, yes.
hahahah I know there is a subject on which we disagree! The weather!
This is because we have no idea how the weather can affect us in a completely unequal.
I feel the intense light in this image...
the stem is dark! Also my photo in Trianon Park... tall trees and lots of light turns green on dark.
This is the beginning of Autumn.
I used to love the Autumn, in April. Yes! you still wait for April!!!
The color is perfect in harmony with the music!
Another toy to experiment!
Again I'll follow you. FMA :-))

solar sister said...

Your blogspot accept FMA music
not mine. Is necessary to be a member?
caixa = pay the bill in this place
Solar brother I have a question:
is there in my post the excessive number of photos?
honestly, pls!

solar sister said...

I just discover the way to post the FMA

Frank de Jol said...

open mail - FMA

FS said...

thx for ALLLLLL!
I understood how to DO.
Now IM a member FMA. IM descovering
its 'acervo' = collection.