always there are other photos ;-))))


betharr said...

variation of the previous theme!? :-))
the minimum can be the maximum!

I like the visible and clear of the minimum part on the whole frosted,cloudly, 'fog'...
understand me?

I have to experience something like that.
Masterpiece! FF

Is this artificial light, is not it?
Answer pls!

betharr said...

Oh! the minimum is cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank de Jol said...

It's natural light coming through the window in the kitchen.
But, the fog and others effects I made in Photo Scape :-)
Read the message in gmail!!!!!

betharr said...

OK, I got the msg!
I wait for the next in a few days.
Good luck dear solar brother!
Thx for the answer.
Allways a nice class from my master! :-))