changing point of view


solar sister said...

Magnífico o painel 'MANUFAKTURA"
on the wall!

Well I'm envious.

Your works are better to better!
I enjoyed the quadrant right up!
Beautiful work of art you got to interfere in this photo!
I do not get tired of looking!
The second is good too but I'm in love with the first.

BIG EYES & sense of aesthetics

There are elements of painting and photography.
- The opaque and the reflection
- The human being represented in different ways
- The strong light passing through the glass

I loved!!!!!!

OBS try
you can hear the English

FS said...

Very nice your testimony. I liked to know something so personal!
Like you I also adapted better to the digital camera.
Never attended laboratory to reveal negative film and the prints that I have ... well they are atoms and the atoms occupy spaces and accumulate fungi...

'encanto das lembranças' a sweet expression!