Break on advertising

I may not be a huge fan of the scotch, but I could watch this ad for Johnnie Walker over and over again.

Mostly the ads are stupid, but apparently not always...
Fortunately, can otherwise.
Without pomposity, without boredom, without stupidity.

Keep walking - over and over again

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solar sister said...

well, well
you are broadcasting a propaganda very well treated!...
A 'viral' you know that.

Actor, scenery, music, text, etc ... just right. What attracted me: the hills of Scotland and Robert Carlyle's accent.

I also watch a few times to hear and to admire the production to this video.

10/10 for your post
10/10 for share
10/10 for fun! :-)))))

Oh did you see the film "Looking for Eric"? another British about football ( I saw many) but this
is really interesting.