irmã solar said...

You collected the cards and photographed it or did you scan the collage previously made by another?
I ask but you do not respond then I get my own conjecture
you Do photograph for an advertising agency (publicity)
Hahahahah . . .IM crazy I know.
Big Grifes Card.
You are collaborating with capitalism that calls VIRAL ADVERT.
Oh, IM not sure about the true expression in English-speaking countries
but I know that YouTube and others are full of this way of publicity.
Climate changes, ways to sell and buy also.
I'm so sorry if I DO the mundane matter your post.
Anyway... today is the day to think about democracy/captalism/
or not?
is sufficient that we only speak of our photos?
somehow I would like to know what you think..............:-)

Frank de Jol said...

Firstly, this wallpaper on the wall, I did a long time. About 15 years ago and what a time it is supplemented. For example when some fragments is destroyed or I see new cool picture in the magazine which be well matched to the wall.
"....today is the day to think about democracy/captalism/
or not?...."....hm? I don't know nothing about it, but I know, that.....
....20 years ago the Berliner Wall crumbled. It is for me a true symbol of democracy. Eastern Europe merged with the
Western Europe. It was an event!!!!!
So today is the feast of DEMOCRACY.
And although it is something sad, because Poland does not fully able to seize the opportunity which it has itself launched :-(