IOWASKA - Out Of My Head

HAROLD RAY - Soul Dance No. 3

ZOLAR X - Silver Shapes

FLESHIES - The Last Friday

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Filha do Sol said...

The explosion of art!
In my estimation you are a terrific artist, Frank!
The 1st and 2nd pictures are the best in this post. The 2nd song my favorite among the four.:-)) Another cool toy!
ten/ten for your music show's search!
An "Oscar" goes to... the second image! Anyone to see this image will like
because it conveys enthusiasm!
AMAZED me!!! Modern Colours!
Super dynamism at the bottom
and empty spaces at the top!
You worked the last one! Excellent interference!
the most interesting point in the second picture is the purple on the left!
FS I would like if you can show me other elements in these images.
You know... have the privilege of talking with the author of the artwork...
Can you? tell about your emotional, intellectual and artistic motivation.
The motivation that inspired you to.
Am I clear?