Summers Almost Gone


FS said...

This is the kind of music I enjoy. Tenderness! my feets shake! I want to dance! :-))))
FS, that is how too much sun determines on the humor of people!
Do you understand why we have a Brazilian categorical imperative?!?

...excessive hot weather, music, dance, beer, beach, pool, etc...
I understand the eternal desire of the forangein to be here.
Poor people need a little money to live in the tropics. But capitalism with its propaganda material corrupts the soul of them.
Protestant church induces people to the right to consume.
To work and to work
for to buy and to buy.
Dancing in the hot evening!
Polish people was gonne to their house under a humid atmosphere (today).
But April is going to arrive.
All thing will be WONDER!!!

FS said...

Frank, você pode me atender?
Escreva sempre em polonês, por favor.
Seu pensamento é claro, é completo, é interessante na tua própria língua. Eu gosto muito de ler o teu texto em polones.
O tradutor está correspondendo a contento.
numer 2. O homem não dança. O homem observa a minha ação. A garota dança consigo mesma.
Nós mulheres dançamos mesmo quando não há homem disposto a dançar.

Frank de Jol said...

Ok! I comment on your blog in the Polish language, and you comment on my blog in the Portuguese language.
You want to know and to read a little Polish language
and I want to know and to read in Portuguese language.
This is an interesting experiment and probably the best solution and the best way to express own thoughts and describe own impressions