INTERSTONE - Fair of jewelry and precious stones - part two


Sun's Daughter said...

my FF are the first & the fourth

Can I ask?... is that your long golden hair? IM not sure. Maybe not. :-)
You know in this Sunday morning I was going out to catsh something like your last report photo when
two events happened under my eyes.
Good lucky! People work hard on Sunday to sel their products. In my next more images about this theme.
But you did not explain:
what is this heated manifestation by precious stones?
where they (stones) come from?
Are them expensive?
People will be indoors
in a few weeks
or I'm thinking wrong?
Did buy some stones? :-)))
female and indiscreet curiosity
Anything question for now
Have a nice 'day off' tomorrow.
Ah! I loved your last comment.
A BIIIIIIG sml. It make me very well! All yours words! Thx!!!!

FS said...

and... it is so nice to see many Polish people in his holy activity 'to buy'.
Not my favorite activity. :-)

Frank de Jol said...

1. No it is not my hair. Mine are long, but the gray.
2. This is a two-day fair.
3. This time I got nothing.