Brazil_2_Hit The Road Jack

Mo Horizons - Hit The Road Jack P Na Estrada

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betharr said...

Fiiiiiilho do Sooooooool! are pointing to my city where I was born!
And the music!... hahahah!
"Já to com o pé na estrada
não vou mais voltar
não vou, não vou, não vou"
"Now I'm on the road
IM not coming back
I would'nt come back,
I will not, I will not"
approximately ;-))))))) "I'll never come back!"
Oh, I DO not stop sing together!
You can make me so 'soft', I mean... you catch the tropical humour. I feel that!
hahahahah... what a discovery! a adventure!
and the photo...brilliant! splendent!
Thx a lot! my solar brother!
Já to com o pé na estrada =
IM going out