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betharr said...

FAV! FAV! FAV!!!!!!!!!!!

Such a image that I like so much! because we arrive to an unusual territory.
Amazing graffiti on the wall!
Like irreal like real!
Someone painted a painter who is painting! It pretend be a worker. He is cleaning or 'darking'
the graffiti.
A BIG contrat with the real life!
...a man who reads!
He is immersed himself.Does not see you. Does not see anything what happens around him.
Gorgeous image, dear brother!
It amazed me!
Your look is very special! artistic! a masterpiece!
The B & W version is also very cool!

On the right of the 'white' reader ... down balcony I see a part of the 'black' human.
I like B&W way in photographie, you Know! Shadows X Light! there is much to be deciphered.
Thanks very much to show it!
This is ART!
This is SMART!
I Loved That!
You have not allowed the decisive moment to escape.