tunnel of love (in the park)



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betharr said...

Both are absolutamente LINDAS! Bonitas! Inspiradoras! ;-)
The first we can feel the look 'in double'. The couple is looking at the same 'horizon'.
Beautiful it! The exuberance NATURE is a frame for this romantic scene!
And the position of the humans IN contemplation from de BEAUTY NATURE!...
A special angle you made here, F!
My cumplimentS!
10/10 for theme
10/10 for execution
the second: there is a reflection on the water!
again a scene that you couldn't stop shooting!
It is like a cineMATOGRAPHIC scene. Did you put the couple there?... like a scenary? That is perfect!
The same position of the previous image.
Both in perfect similarity!
From where I am now... in front of them...
like you were... I thought you might be hidden among the trees?!?